Blair Meat Company x Little Shop Of Horrors.

Blair Meat Company x Little Shop Of Horrors.

23rd of October 2022. We met up with Chris from Blair Meat Company to photograph our current line of clothing. 

The shoot was held at Little Shop of Horrors Emporium in Mornington. They are the go to for all things halloween, dress ups, gothic homewares and everything dark.

Joined by Nathan Bartlett and Lisa Kean to model for us and bring the perfect dark vibes. 

A rad time was had by all and I can’t thank everyone enough for their help. Little Shop for letting us invade their space after hours, Chris for walking me through the process and really taking the time to nail the shots, and the models for absolutely slaying it. Be sure to check out Blair Meat Company and Little Shop Of Horrors Emporium on instagram. Blair Meat makes these amazing one-off horror masks that are actually stocked in store at Little Shop so you can see them in the flesh.

🖤 Cursed Cxlt

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